Welcome to my webpage.


I am Lucas Blasius and very happy to bid you welcome.

As a journalist, photographer, author and human being I would like to introduce myself to you. Click on the links and you will find the according German pages of my homepage - however, there will be English content for you, as well. And on the other hand, pictures etc do not need any language.

If you go on reading on this page you may find some more detailed information about me solely in English.


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Have fun on my page and all the best!



I am always looking for jobs: researching, editing, writing, filming, speaking, taking photos, ...

If you want to contact me for any of this, you may use my email-adress anytime. 

About Me



I am …

... a young, open-minded, trustworthy guy with a plethora of interests. My curiosity leads to me ever new and interesting aspects of life, to trying out new things and to acquiring experiences. I like what I do and when I don´t like something I don´t do it.


My impetus …

… is my curiosity, my open-heartedness, my work force and my confidence. When I plan something I try my very best to make it come true. I want to improve myself and the world. New and personal ways lead me there.


The future …

… is far from my knowledge. What I hope for is health, stability and happiness. I do not make plans in the style of „In twenty years …“, so that I won´t be disappointed. I will rather try to take any chance and use it to one hundred percent.





You may find a selection of pieces for newspaper, radio and tv on my page „Journalist“.

There is a variety of English pieces, as well, mostly videos. Take your time to check them out – I would be very happy if you left a comment in my guest book.

If you are interested in me researching, writing, producing or speaking for you, please use my email-address.







To shoot photos is more than to click on a button –

it is an art that captures a specific view of one moment, forever.


On the page „Fotograf“ you may look at some photos that I took around the world. I had to reduce the quality to upload those pictures. However, you can enlarge them by clicking on the small picture frames.

Again, I would be very happy about comments in my guest book. You may also leave a request that I take photos for you anytime via email.






Writing is a skill – being read is an honour.


I have written a novel called „Kreuzkrieg“ and several other pieces throughout the last years. If you wish to practice your German, you are very welcome to check them out and buy them.

I have been asked to publish English versions several times, but unfortunately, I have not been able to make a translation so far. However, I will happily assist you with ordering the books, if you wish to try your best with German literature.






If you wish, I can provide you with an English version of my CV.


Please note that every content of this page has been created by me, including styles and background images, and may not be used by you in any way or means without my consent. 


I will be happy to get in contact with you anytime.